Unpacking Thoughts

Some thoughts: 1. I enjoy unpacking much more than packing. It is so rewarding! 2. A neighbor came to meet us while my husband was flying the “Come and Take it” flag in our new front yard. He didn’t mention it and I had forgotten it was up. I guess we’ll just always be “that” family. Wait till they see our red carpet! 3. My big boy is so nervous about starting a new school tomorrow and I want to take it from him! It is so hard to watch your kid go through this stuff. He’s had a lot of change in the last few months, though, and he has been an absolute champ. I can’t wait to see him rock being the new kid.



One thought on “Unpacking Thoughts

  1. Kids are so resilient. It makes me think about a few school changes G experienced. His adaptability always amazed me and made me realize my fears for him were much greater than his own. I think it has something to do with being a mama. 😉 congrats on all the new additions in your family.

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