A spoonful of …Apple Cider Vinegar

I’m curious to see if anyone else has tried drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for it’s health benefits. I got it a while back to try to fight off a sore throat so that I could sing in a wedding (Emily, this is how you know I love you :)) & it was & still is HORRIBLE. But it worked. I gargled it for my throat and drank some, diluted, to stave off the cold. I have no idea if it helped the cold, but it really helped my voice. I also noticed that my normal daily headache was significantly less painful that day, and the next day that I drank it (you MUST drink it diluted in water & it’s still HORRIBLE). I prayed that it was a coincidence (I want a headache solution, but this should tell you how bad it tastes), and moved on with my life.

I recently decided to tough it out though, and try a little 7 day experiment, to see if it actually does help with my headache. I’m on day 5 and dangit, I think it IS helping some! There must be a better way. Surely this comes in pill form, or something! Oh dear Lord, it is so very very bad! And, it is smelling up my whole kitchen!!

I’ve read that one of the primary benefits of ACV is that is messes with the breakdown of starches and sugars, therefore lowering blood sugar. Since sugar is a real headache trigger, I just wonder if it’s actually doing something. I also wonder if it’s going to eat up the lining of my stomach and teeth in the process. (This is not a medical blog. Do not mistake this for professional information :))

I mean it’s also supposed to help you lose weight, fight cancer, and aid in world peace, so who knows? Does anyone know?


2 thoughts on “A spoonful of …Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Brian and I went on an ACV kick a few years ago. We were drinking a shot glass of it every day – STRAIGHT! Shoowee! Didn’t see any recognizable benefits after the first bottle. That combined with the pain of drinking it led us to quit it before buying a second.

    HOWEVER, if it helps your headaches, I’m all about you drinking it! I would even drink it for you if I could. I just want some relief for you!

  2. I use it on my daily salad with some olive oil, herbs (oregano and pepper) and occasionally a bit of orange juice as a salad dressing. I think it tastes great this way. Can’t imagine just drinking it.

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