Home sweet HOME

Anyone remember the home we fell in love with, before we even sold our house back in May? Or April? We weren’t able to buy it then and we were SO sad. We watched it sit on the market all this time while we house hunted (that’s where I’ve been this whole time), comparing every house to the one we really wanted. We have asked God for this home, but we had no idea that all this time, through all our frustration and tears and all of these other “no’s”, all of our gut feelings telling us “don’t buy this or that one” (even though many other houses seemed so perfect!), He was preparing what we had asked Him for all along!

Through a string of events that are too detailed to go into here, circumstances have changed, and we are now free to buy our dream house, the one we have watched and wanted all along! It came back to us! They accepted our offer today. It is difficult to put our excitement into words. 🙂

So, no more words. Just our future backyard view:


Update: When I posted this, I saw that sad, whiny blog that I had written…about losing THIS house! I had completely forgotten! Haaa! God is so funny sometimes! Thank you God for all that you have taught me during this wait! I am SO glad that, because I KNEW you were faithful, God, I didn’t plow forward on my own (even though I’ll admit I threw a couple sad little fits)! We were so confident when we sold our house that God had a particular plan for us, and I am so grateful we didn’t put a time limit on that. So, so cool.


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