I’m being dramatic. We aren’t living on the streets. We’re just without a house. We sold ours because we were stepping out in faith. We really felt like it was time to make the move and look for that dream home that we would fix up and make ours. There are so many reasons that it was time to leave our home, too many to list. We still hadn’t found a new home when our house sold (quickly!) back in April, so a friend let us rent out the space in her basement to save the cash we would’ve lost on month to month apartment living. The cramped lifestyle is a sacrifice, but we keep telling ourselves that “we are saving all of this money!” The first few weeks, I pretended we were camping, but that glitter has already worn off. Thank goodness for incredible housemates, upstairs, though!!
The notion that it was all temporary has helped. Our dream home has been in our sights for a couple of very exciting weeks now. A friend put us in touch with a woman needing to sell her father’s house and, long story short: it was perfect. Everything we’ve been looking for, hoping for, praying for in a home. And it needed enough work that we felt pretty sure that it would still be affordable for us, too. We’ve waited weeks to get an appraisal and a firm price on it, and we just found out today that it appraised way out of our price range. We are devastated. I know I shouldn’t have stopped looking for homes. I know I shouldn’t have assumed. I know I shouldn’t have pictured my entire life inside this one house before I owned it, but I did, and now I am so sad.
So, now I’ll put on my big girl panties and pray that God has something else for us and trust that surely HE knows that my baby needs a home in which to start school. He knows. He knows.

Philippians 4:19: “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.”


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