Holiday Perspective

I drive someone around on a regular basis. I find myself doing this every now and this and mom used to get so frustrated with me for picking people up who I thought looked “safe”.  🙂 So far, my judgment has not failed me. But this one person, who does have a place to live, although no means of transportation, will be spending Christmas alone this year. It is completely not for me to decide how they got there and what he/she could do about it. Mostly, what I do with this information is up to me. One thing I do is to balance my life with great perspective when I begin to weigh myself down with the great “worries” of my life. And I do have them. But. (I almost listed them here for you. But, why?)

I drove home from my new friend’s place recently and thought that there is a very good chance I will never spend Christmas alone. I wonder sometimes when I pick people up… Why does my cup runneth over (and if you and reading this, and in my circle of friends, be honest…yours too)? It actually seems grossly unfair at times. So. What to do? Be grateful? Of course. Be much more careful of our complaints? By. All. Means. Generous. Please! What good are all of blessings if we hoard them!? What good is our blessed life if it is spent so tritely?

I say this to myself, too. I am so guilty.


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