This is a difficult update. When the doctor was in Mom’s stomach today with the scope, she said it looked worse than it did last week. She didnt find the source of the current bleed, but said that her stomach is so far damaged (probably from years of poor blood flow due to her heart condition-just like with her other organs that are suffering), more bleeding is inevitable. Because of her complications, she is not a candidate for some of the more drastic treatments for this condition (ie:stomach removal). We have decided that we are going to aim towards getting her home, for as long as she can be there, until she bleeds again. We will enlist the help of hospice care to check on her daily. Daina and I have to go home for a short time to take care of our kiddos, but we will be back. In the meantime, we need the help of our local friends. I’m going to set up a care calendar where people can sign up to check in on/hang out with my mom while dad works during the day. Most of you know that he has his own business, and its not a great time for the cash to run out. 🙂 There’s a good chance that she will end up back

 the hospital, and my hope is that people will continue to sit with her, no matter her location. There are so many small things we do for her in a day, and it breaks our hearts to have to leave. Knowing someone can be there to help in our absence is an incredible blessing. I should also say this… Mom doesn’t feel good. Frankly, the idea of company at one of the most vulnerable stages of her life just does not appeal to her. So, I’m going to come out and say what she is far too sweet to say: While she loves her friends dearly, and I know she will be so grateful for the help, she will probably not be in the mood to “host” you. 🙂 If you’re willing to just be there for her right now, it would be awesome if you brought anything that makes you happy: your ipad, books, work, whatever. 



She will most likely be learning how to live on a liquid diet. If you want to provide soup, ensure, or any other liquid you find appetizing, feel free. 🙂


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