How Did You Sin Today?

Because I absolutely must remember this.

Our friend, who is also our church’s youth pastor, was hanging out at our home last night. We had talked about lots of things, but I think everyone was taken pretty off-guard when my 5-year-old started asking around the table, “How did YOU sin today?” as if he were asking what you had for lunch.

While Ryan seemed to be, ahem, taking a moment to consider how to answer, I decided to save him.

I wanted to explain first that the reason my child felt so emboldened was because he had recently had a day where he got into some trouble at school. He fessed up right when he got off the bus, and was really upset about it (maybe more upset about the trouble he was in, who knows…). During our talk, we discussed the verse we had been learning about temptation, how it relates to sin, and forgiveness. He was being especially hard on himself, so I went ahead and told him that everybody messes up sometimes. Even mommy! And yes, I told him how I had sinned that day. Apparently it stuck with him, and he thought this would be a regular dinner discussion.

Back to the dinner conversation:

Me: “B, honey, you don’t get to just ask people how they sinned. It’s personal.”
B: “What’s personal?”
Me: “Er. Um. It’s private. It means they don’t have to ta..”
B: “Only penises and hineys are private.”

Insert about 5 full minutes where NO ONE was able to talk because we took turns leaving the table to laugh in the other room.

I honestly don’t remember how I wrapped that conversation up.


2 thoughts on “How Did You Sin Today?

  1. This is priceless, Kathryn!!! I must read other things in these archives. I just read the tribute to Martha that your brother read at the service, and I was glad it was posted because I did not hear it all when he read it. I’m still praying for your whole family as you go through the grief process and make the adjustment to life without your mother.

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