I’ve seen a lot of mommy-self-berating on facebook recently. Sometimes getting online and seeing all of the happy posts leads us to believe that everyone’s lives are shiny, except our very own. Silly mommies. We all know this isn’t true and that we are all human.

So, I shall comfort you with a confession. Not all of my confessions- I don’t want to startle you. But don’t you dare read any further if you’re feeling extra judgy today, or if maybe you really ARE the perfect mom. Because then you might report me. In that case, move right along to Rachel Ray’s blog and get your dinner recipe and make your grocery list.

OK, so here it is:

I have been using money from B’s piggy bank to
…tip the pizza guy
…and pay for his school lunch
(wincing)…and help out the tooth fairy.
And we may or may not owe him quite a bit back from the Dierks Bentley concert.

I never have cash!


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