Good Day

Some days you just want to remember.

Today was a day with my boy that could have been fraught with disaster and has turned into a simply wonderful time with him.

B had to have some routine bloodwork this morning and we were both dreading it. He’s grown so much since his last shot, though! Everyone in ours and the neighboring zipcode may have heard him cry his discontent, but he DID NOT MOVE. This is progress, people. We have watched him mature so much this summer, and it has ben so exciting to be able to reason with my child!


After the lab, I’d promised that we would stand in line to get the autograph of one of his favorite Orioles, Chris Davis. I greatly underestimated this event. I found out later that at 10:30am, we were between 500 and 600th in line. Chris was to arrive at noon and leave promptly at 1 (He stayed later than 1). Only the first 200 were guaranteed autographs. After this PR announcement was made, everyone stubbornly stood their ground. I explained to B what was happening. You won’t see Chris Davis today. Even if we wait and wait. He looked at me with those puppy dog eyes and begged me to let him trrrrryyyyyy. BB2

That’s the tail of his limo behind B up there. In the next 3 hours we made friends with about 20 people in line. And in all transparency…about 1.5 hours in the whining began (him, not me, although I considered it). At hour 2, I put his face in my hand and reminded him that we were here for HIM, not me. I’m into teaching gratitude and I thought this was a good time for a lesson. ๐Ÿ™‚ He had his usual 3 count to pull it together or I was pulling us out of line (lest you think the whole day was roses, we almost made it to 3, it wasn’t pretty, and I was being generous-glad THAT didn’t make the news!). My boy did pull it together, though, and the rest of the wait was an adventure we won’t forget. As we circled the building, the end in sight, we heard rumors that Chris Davis was about to run out to his car, meaning no signing for us. The crowd stampeded over to snap pictures of him and we couldn’t get there fast enough for B to get a look, a second disappointment for him. A little boy walked past us, wailing. I looked down and reminded B that we weren’t going to cry like that, because we knew this was coming, right? “I know, I know”, he said. “Thank you for taking me here for a treat, Mom.” And then I almost cried. I’m so glad you are learning to be grateful. It makes it easier to swallow that I walked all over Dobbin Center looking to see where you sat down that Winnie the Pooh book after sitting on a hot parking lot for 3 hours. One “thank you” out of your mouth, and this crazy mama would do it all over again.

So we went to get ice cream, which softens almost any blow. ๐Ÿ™‚

And we made this, which I think is more valuable than some MLB signed ball anyway.



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