“How’s the Adoption Going?”

We hear that question a lot these days. And on some days, it’s the only time I think about the adoption (blessedly). We are in a state of wait. It’s going nowhere, and that’s ok for the moment. I know that there are times when people find that to be torturous, but I don’t currently feel that way. Summer has been busy, painful (the headaches don’t want to let up), crazy fun, full of amazing visitors and full of activity. Our family can’t even begin to describe how blessed we feel to be walking along with such an exciting bunch of people. Here’s a little snippet of what we’ve been doing. It’s hardly the tip of the iceberg: There’s been karaoke…

There have been mohawks…

Late night chats with one special niece…

VBS costume craziness…

And a family reunion!

I wish I had time to tell you everything. And it’s not even over!
We’ve had plenty to distract us. Not enough to distract me from this throbbing pain in my head, unfortunately. So, as we look into fall I may be sharing more about my journey of acupuncture, botox, medication adjustments, and yes, still waiting to become a mommy to another baby. Life is so good.


One thought on ““How’s the Adoption Going?”

  1. Your niece and may others appreciate you so much. I love you and praying for headache issue. Baby Hill is coming, so keep working on relieving those.

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