Is this not what every woman wants to hear from her husband on a crisp Friday morning?

This week has been a roller coaster of emotions. My highs have been high and my lows have been low. Ever since I told you all that I was going to “lay it down”, I have been challenged to my core. Why? I have some theories, but for now I am going to discuss wallpaper, because I feel like it. And because I thought this note was hilarious.

We are taking out tiny little coat closet, which was stuffed with junk and hardly ever used, and turning it into a mini-mudroom. And by “we” I mean “my husband is doing the ideas that I thought of”. We are not Coat People. Therefore, the coats that used to hang in there just collected dust. What we really need is a one-stop place for shoes, purses and bags, keys, hats, scarves, and backpacks, and mail. So here we go! Here’s what we had before:

Here’s what we have now (a work in progress):

You can see where the bench will be. DH will be building a big, white crate that will fit under the bench, to hold shoes. The wall on the left keeps us from making it a very big mudroom, since there is a big pipe thingie (that is a very technical term) in there. So, he’s going to build a couple of cubbies there, and some hooks for keys, mail, wallet, phones, etc. The lower half is where B will hang his backpack. One cubbie will be painted with chalkboard paint so that we can write each other lovenotes. Or reminders. Whatever. Of course, someone who sews is going to have to help me make a cushion for that bench *cough*Emily*cough*. There will be bigger hooks on the back wall for coats.

And now for the bast part…WALLPAPER!!! It’s a small space, and I have been dying to wallpaper something for a while now. Guys. If you haven’t checked out wallpaper lately, you are missing out. I recently found a wallpaper store, and it was huge. And everything stocked there was hideous. And they obviously couldn’t afford to heat the place. We were ready to leave when I finally asked if they carried anything, um, contemporary (like, from this decade?). She walked us back to a room where we could literally see our own breath. It was filled to the roof with books. I HATE being cold, so I quickly grabbed about 4 books and dashed back up to the front. HOLY WALLFLOWERS PEOPLE!!! This stuff was amazing! I wanted it all. And I wanted it all throughout my entire house.



I’m so excited. I’ve had to the book all week, and I just can’t even choose. The owner of the store was standing around so I asked her about my biggest concern: everyone says that if I wallpaper, I’ll always regret it because it’s so hard to remove. She told me that very few people know (or care) to prime your walls before papering them. If primed properly, apparently the paper should come off with ease. They sell the primer with the paper. I’m going to do a little experiment with whatever paper I have leftover and see how true this is. If so, lookout world. We’re jumping on the wallpaper bandwagon.

I also asked her why she didn’t carry anything…from this decade. She stated that it needed to be special ordered. I stated that I could see that (pointing to the book and order form that I was looking at). I re-adjusted my statement, trying to hint that maybe more people (born after 1960) might be lured in by the extremely attractive wallpaper that I was currently falling in love with, if she stocked it and showed it off in her windows. She snipped again that it had to be ordered. Hmmm. Seems like you’d be more open to business ideas if you couldn’t pay your heating bill, but whatever. I’ll still order it. And I’m still giddy about it.


One thought on “Wallflowers

  1. 21st century wallpaper is amazing! My Dallas designer friend introduced me to it when we bought our house. I have big plans for wall paper in our bathrooms! She has some of the silvery/gray wallpaper in her dining area, and some other goodness in her entry way. Super awesome stuff. So happy you get to have fun with it!

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