Mama’s got her keys!

Look out world! I haven’t driven since sometime in November, I think. You would not believe how good it is for a family’s budget to take the keys away from the mother. I have a long list of places I want to take myself and they all require money. I see a hair appointment in my future. There are so many things you take for granted when you have to ask someone to do everything for you. What would I do without my incredible friends?

In real news, however, we saw my neurosurgeon yesterday and brought my films from the xray of my neck. That was fascinating!! Here’s a front and side view:

He said I’m healing up nicely, meaning the new, artificial disc has fused with my vertebrae. The muscles in the neck are still furiously angry and causing me a great deal of pain, although admittedly less pain that I was in weeks ago. This progression is slow as molasses, but it is happening. Now that I’m cleared for physical therapy, the hope is that things will speed up.

And in other random news, we LOVE our neurosurgeon. I know that he was a Godsend. I don’t say that in the cliche sense. I mean, we prayed (many, many people prayed), then we picked a day to go to the ER at a world renowned hospital and ended up with not only a very gifted and brilliant doctor, but a kind and helpful one. When our insurance company denied our ENTIRE claim (CIGNA!!!), he promptly called their doctor and went to bat for us. When we thanked him for that, he said that that doctor happened to be an old friend of his, and made an “exception” for us. Stu and I looked at each other wide-eyed. We were scared to ask why we needed an exception, we were just grateful that yet again, I know that God’s hand was in this. I know it. We also learned that our doctor has published MANY books. I was waiting to hear how boring they were (you know, medical stuff, probs), and he went on to tell us that he writes poetry, novels, and plays the clarinet in the orchestra when he has time! Ha! He totally busted my stereotype. Shame on me.

Next step, find a physical therapist and pray for the day that I can wake up and not desperately reach for a bottle of medication in order to even consider getting out of bed.

And for now, I’ll be grateful that I HAVE the medication that helps me get out of bed, and that I’m on the other side of this horrible ordeal.

Ps. Funny note. We’re ASSUMING I’m allowed to drive. It was the most obvious question for this checkup, that we didn’t even bother to write it down. When I called Kait to tell her how great everything went, she asked if I was cleared to drive,and Stu and I realized that we never asked!! He cleared me for everything else, so we’re hoping that covers driving too.



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