Am I there yet? And other things…

I’m coming along. People tell me. Recovery is SLOOOWWW. The only reason I know that I’m coming along is because I can look back in weeks and see things that I obviously can do things now that I couldn’t do before. I still feel SO invalid. So frustrated, so impatient (patients/patience, anyone think that’s ironic?).

I hope that soon (weeks?) I can have my keys back and start physical therapy. Oh keys, where will we go together?!

B turned 5 in October and he has been incredible. I was really afraid he would act out when the realization sunk in that his mother was really laid up (but let’s face it, I’ve been down for a long time now). Instead, his daddy has taught him about taking care of me, and he has truly impressed me. I’ve been meaning to document some of our conversations…

He’s discovered Full House, and the other day (while I was trying to rest, and yes, letting the TV babysit my boy), I heard him say, “She is so beautiful.” Naturally, I perked up to make sure we were still on Full House. Does anyone remember Becky, the one Uncle Jesse eventually married? I agreed, “yes she is”, and rolled back over. He crawled over to put my face in his hands and said, “you know who else is beautiful?” (picture my face smooshed, eyebrows raised, waiting for an answer). And that is when my son said, “You are beautiful. And that’s why you’re my sweet lovin’ Mama.”

His sweet lovin’ Mama?!

Last night while I was reading to him (another indication that I’m improving, I’m able to tuck my boy in at night!), he proposed to me. He’s done this before, but this time was a little different. I asked him what the hurry was, and he told me that he need to hurry up and get married so that he can be a daddy and a deacon. Im so happy that my baby has a daddy that makes him want to aspire to such wonderful things!

He got scared in the night last night. I don’t know what had him so spooked, but he was already announcing that he was scared when he was heading to the restroom at 3am. We were coaching him lazily from bed that he was ok. Instead of flipping on the bathroom light, he flipped on the bathroom fan and the noise scared the crap out of him. I can’t remember the last time I heard him scream like that. I nearly popped a stitch flinging myself out of bed to get to him. I’m usually a “tough-it-out” kind of mom, but he was really terrified. It took a while to get him calmed down and tucked back into bed. This morning, he came to me in bed (do you see a pattern of bedrest with me?), and asked me if I remembered how scared he was last night. He thanked me for holding him. I mean, my 5 year year old said, Thank you, Mommy for holding me last night when I was scared. That made me feel so much better. I want to give you a Lovie Hug because you I love you so much.” (Lovie Hugs are special commodities where you snuggle the lovie while hugging).

He melts my heart. All the time.


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