Pain in the Neck, 3

I woke up, alright. I woke up in the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life. Ever. And I have given birth on petocin, with no epidural. I honestly looked around at these people and wondered why, in heaven’s name, they were not HELPING ME??? They gave me a little button to press and I promise you that it was a pretend button. It was attached to nothing and I was actually in a torture chamber. I do believe I whispered (I couldn’t talk because I was pretty sure they had also taken a chisel to my throat while they were in there) some not nice things to my nurse over the issue of my dry mouth and her refusing me ice chips.

The incision was on the front of my throat, and I was startled to find a tube coming out of my neck, draining…oh I can’t say it, into a little bucket.

They kept asking my pain level on a scale of 1-10 and I kept saying 100. We were in post-op for 4.5 hours. They won’t send you back to your room until they can get control of your pain. Poor Stu just sat and comforted me for hours. Feeling his hand on my forehead was like heaven. I was itchy from the drugs and he would scratch an itch anywhere. He wetted my lips with the little sponge they gave him and I just don’t know if I could ever love him more.

When we finally got to our room, yet another amazing friend made a midnight run for us for food and milkshake for me (because it was the only thing I could swallow). God bless him. It was the best thing I have ever tasted.


And then, like magic, the next morning, the coffee angels appeared.


And I said, “oh guys, you didn’t have to do that!!” And they responded that they kind of felt like thy DID have to after that fit I threw the day before on facebook. Huh.

After surgery, it still took me 2 days to pull things together. Spine surgery is no joke, apparently. I was told it is one of the more painful kinds of surgeries. I can attest to that. Many of my old muscle pains still exist and I still can’t tell what kind of relief I’m going to feel. The days in the hospital were difficult. So many friends came and sat with me, another came and spent the night so that Stu could go spend another night with B. I walked the halls, trying to get my strength up. Also, to show off my new necklace.


And Kim got coffee and played hairdresser, which I found VERY impressive!!

And for those who loved the gross chronicles, my incision (:-)):

I was admitted on Monday and discharged on Friday. I’ve been home now for 8 days. They’ve felt like the 8 longest days of my life so far.


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