That awkward moment…

Yesterday was my second half of the facet rhizotomy on my neck. I knew that I would be completely laid up, and Stu was going to be trying to take care of me, so I asked a fellow preschool mom if she wouldn’t mind bringing B home from school to our house. She was so kind, and offered to also keep him for a playdate with her girls, including feeding him dinner. What a gift! He was so excited, too!

She called me around dinner time and I could tell that she was surrounded by children. She said, “You’re not going to believe what B said when he walked into our house.”

I took a deep breath and asked.

She responded in the sweetest way, “I’ll just text it to you, I probably shouldn’t repeat it out loud right now.”

well ok then.

Apparently he walked into her lovely home, saw that she had a huge castle tent, and exclaimed, “What the he**?! You have a castle???”

My sweet little 5 year old? This is obviously his father’s fault.

Haha. Kidding.

I really was dying to know where he heard it from. I know it’s a pretty common phrase everywhere you go, but I wanted to ask. However, I have learned from past experience that if you make too big of a deal of a word, he learns that it gets him a LOT of attention, and he likes that. On the other hand, he does have to learn what’s ok to say and what’s not. And my kid won’t be a potty mouth if I can help it. So I decided that I would just try to have a casual conversation with him when he got home. Silly me, I had also forgotten that B can’t have a casual conversation. Good. Grief. It took forever for me to just dig around to get to the point of the conversation. I tried beating around the bush, asking questions like, “Do you know that you said a bad word today at your friend’s house when you saw the castle?” Denial. Did he not know it was a bad word? Or does he not know he said it? So finally I came out and said it and he practically hit the floor crying. He kept saying, “I won’t say what the he**!! I won’t say what the he**!!” Omigosh, then stop saying it!!

The final gist of our conversation was that he won’t aways get in trouble the first time he says a bad word. He’s still learning and Daddy and I will teach him which ones are ok and which ones aren’t. He will get in trouble for using those words once he knows better. And he’ll always be in trouble for lying to me. I could tell he was just so confused about whether or not he was in trouble right then. He just kept snuggling up to me and one time he reached up and put my arm around him. I really wanted him to remember this moment, so that next time he would be honest with me, talk to me, and let me teach him.

When I told him that God doesn’t like it when we use foul language, his head whipped up, “Can you show me that in the Bible?” Lately, anytime I say, “God says”, he wants proof. Smart kid. And I’m thrilled to give it.

I know I blamed his dad, but this was a little convicting. It might be my memory verse of the week too…

When we got this on the fridge, Uncle Brian (who was in town for one quick night-yay!), asked B if he wanted to hear his favorite verse about being scared (“Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9). While they were reading it together, B told him, from memory, how that verse reads in the message translation!! I read it to him back on his birthday, when had been scared about sleeping in the dark outside.

Your kids are never too young to be soaking this up. They hear everything. Not just the good. Plenty of bad too, apparently.


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