High Five

I can’t believe my baby turned 5 in October! Here is a photo album of all the things I want to remember about that day (week?). In preparation for his birthday party, (the 3rd annual QB party, named QB5) I made half the chili and cupcakes (my HALF needed to feed 60!). The days leading up to his birthday were spent up to my elbows in chili and cupcakes. Every man’s dream, I suppose.

My cupcake buddies hung with me for MANY hours of baking, sprinkling, frosting, piping, all while baby wrangling!

The final product! True cake “balls”!
That is how you make a TON (which is a very accurate term) of buttercream frosting. Thank you for the recipe, Simmie!

The pot on the right was filled, to the brim with chili, we estimate that it was somewhere between 30 and 40 pounds of it. I’ll save you the story of how the cheap gallon bags exploded in the freezer.

As the anticipation built, Blake became the most excited he’s ever been about his birthday. It was on the calendar, and he would wake up every day, telling how many days until he would be 5. Incidentally, now everything is the first time he’s done this or that since he’s been 5. “This is the first time I’ve ever been to Safeway since I was 5!” “This is the first time I’ve ever had yogurt since I was 5!” Now he can’t wait to be 6. He wants to know how long until he’s 5 and a half. Oh, my heart. Can’t we slow it down? Doesn’t he know that it just flies by as it is?! Of course he doesn’t. I remember what it was like as a kid-counting the half years, because being grown seemed so important. Anyways, enough mommy moments. On the night before his birthday, his Migi and Big Daddy were dying to Skype with him to watch him open the presents they sent. I can’t get enough of this picture:

Omigosh. How cute are they?!

He was gifted with a full Darth costume, which he loved!!!

The next morning, B woke up buzzing with energy. He got to go to school and was thrilled to have cupcakes to share. I gave him a birthday pin and there wasn’t a soul in the zip code unaware of his date of birth. His daddy and I decided to pick him up from school that day together, quite a special treat, and let him choose where he wanted to eat an early dinner. He chose Jason’s Deli, and some of our dear friends joined us!

At his time of birth. Exactly 5 years old. I don’t think either of us could be more proud.

My and my man, waiting, with the other normal parents, to pick B up from pre-K. Looking like goons.

A terribly lit pic of all of us at Jason’s, but we captured the moment anyways! 🙂

After dinner, we had yet another surprise in store for us. A precious friend and her son were waiting to surprise B with a tent on the deck. He’s been fascinated with camping for awhile, and I blame Emily for that. She planted the bug in his head. I’m just not a camper, if you want to go back and read this blog you can remember some reasons why. Anyway, they set everything up on the deck, so B and his daddy could have a mini birthday campout and B was elated!! We watched Star Wars in the tent, all bundled up together out there, and then I went to bed while they snuggled up for the night.

Emily and Colin after setting up the tent for us! Thank you so much!!

We had more birthday visitors later that night! They had a blast playing in the tent!

Our hilarious suburban campsite. 🙂

Us. I hope that next year’s family photo includes one more tiny person. I wonder who?

2 days later, his Papa flew in from Texas for QB5. H’s never missed a birthday party. Papa’s job at every party is to build and maintain the very critical s’mores fire. He’s never let us down. This is the first year that Blake was very aware of Nana’s absence, maybe because we visited her in the hospital this year and he understands that she’s not feeling well. We missed you Nana!! Love you so much. Here’s what I found when I pulled up to the airport for my Daddy:

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite pictures of QB5:

There was a serious football game and basketball game going on during most of QB5.

Kait, Carrie, Elisabeth, and me.

Stu trying to herd the children for pinata time. Super funny.

Enforcing the “only 3 swings” rule was no small feat. And my child is barefoot.

More of my favorite people…

Cake time! The boys were GIDDY while we sang to them! It was surreal to stand there with our friends know how many people love us and our babies. We are so blessed.

I love this, of everyone happily eating their cake.

Gathered by the fire while the kids were STILL in the (now completely dark) moonbounce.

Some amazing men. I’m so happy they are our friends!!

At 11pm, this is where we retrieved Blake from. He crawled in around 9:30, by the fire, all warm and cozy and conked out!

Lastly, this Pamela, remembering how we ended the very first party, QB3. We called it, “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want To.”


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