New Word: Admire

My little B has a book that is kind of like a dictionary and one of the words we were reading tonight was “admire.” “Admire means to look up to someone and to think they are really great.”

The conversation from there got good.

Me: B, who do you admire?

B: Maggie, Mason, I admire you Mama, Daddy…Migi and Big Daddy, Nana and Papa… aaaannnnd just everyone. And Quinn. I admire Quinn.

At this point, Daddy walked in.

B: Dad, I admire you. Admire means you think someone’s really great and I think you’re really great just the way God made you.

Dad: Wow, thanks B. I’m so glad God gave you to me.

B: God gave you to me? After you got married to mom, right?

Dad: Yup.

B: Back when you had all that hair?



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