Step 1.

We’ve picked an agency and turned in our (slightly extensive) prelimenary application, and now we’re waiting to see if they’ll accept us into their program. We chose an agency local to us, and will be pursuing a domestic infant adoption with no preference to race or gender. Choosing an agency was much more complicated than we expected it to be. We did know in hearts all along that we wanted a domestic adoption.

The process is long and arduous. From here we have a long interview process, a home study, and 6 weeks of courses. Probably adding up to 3-4 months. After that we wait.  I know that some people really struggle with the home study and it’s invasive nature because anyone can just get pregnant and have a baby, no questions asked. But to adopt means to be ready to open up every single crevice of your life for investigation, and approval. But, I get it. If I were a birthmother, I would want no lower standard. It’s with that mindset I’m happy to comply.


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