I’m still pretty speechless over this photo. Maybe it should be a <insert caption here> kind of thing? It was Blake and 3 girls last night, and he really just has no real concept of there being an stigma over boys dressing up like princesses, and I’m certainly not going to make a big deal of it. And it’s really not a big deal. However, it is really hilarious. I mean, when Sophie put those shoes on him his feet convulsed in complete shock at the idea of anything but Tevas. He nearly fell all the way to the ground. And unfortunately, I didn’t grab a picture of him in the dress that they put on him after this (so that this skirt acted as sort of a peticoat). He walked around with his arms held out like a bodybuilder, because the ruffles were confusing him, I guess.

Also, Sophie is more than a year old than my (4 year old) boy and average for her age. Why is this child so huge?


2 thoughts on “Royalty

  1. I think that all you have to do is show this photo to any birth mother and you would get your new baby without hesitation! lol! I laughed til I cried! Who wouldn’t want that sweet boy for a big brother. Love you guys, and I am so happy about your baby decision.
    Grand aunt Julie

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