The Kid Knows His Mom

It’s my birthday. It’s been a pretty awesome one so far, and it’s only halfway over. And if you want to know the truth, here it is: turning 32 would not faze me one bit if it weren’t for the realization that my womb is a barren wasteland. There you go. It’s not as pitiful as it sounds, but it is how I mentally mark the years- by how long I’ve been infertile and how many childbearing years I have left. While I welcome advice, the well intended suggestion that I, um, just, not think that way, is futile. In fact, it feels better to write it out.

My counter to that, however, has proven successful. It’s gratefulness. And wow, does my cup overflow! Last night, we had a very impromptu gathering of friends and a April Thanksgiving Dinner. It was absolute perfection. This morning, I got to see so many women I love at Bible Study and was treated to lunch by a few more.

Of course, so far, my greatest treat this birthday has been watching my sweet boy wish me a happy one. Stu took him shopping last week and he picked out socks for me. They were cute, but I still thought that was an odd choice. In the car he asked (again), “Mom, do you like your new socks?” I told him that I really did. He asked “You lost your running socks, right Mom?” I just about melted when I realized that my 4 year old picked out socks because he really thought I needed them! I was huffing through the house, looking for my favorite pair of running socks awhile back and I never had a clue he was listening. I should know better. The child didn’t learn to say, “What the WHAT?!” anywhere but listening to me. Of course, he also got me Angry Bird Gummies, so he’s not completely selfless.

Other ways that we have learned that Blake is soaking it all in: Emily gave him a little “All about Mom” quiz last night. It went something like this:

Emily: What is your Mom’s favorite thing to do?

Blake: Help. (aw)

E: Where is her favorite place to go?

B: Target. (I suppose so, as far as he’s concerned)

E: What is her favorite food?

B: Sushi. (sho nuff)

E: What is her favorite drink?

B: Coffee (and all the people said ‘Amen’)

E: What does she drive?

B: A Honda!

E: What is her favorite show?

B: Days of Our Lives (I plead the 5th)

E: What is your mom’s second favorite thing to do?

B: Drink coffee!!

This is all super cute. I found out last Friday, though, that Blake actually knows a bit too much about his Mama. Let’s just say I’m glad he’s not a better artist:

He drew this at church, much to everyone’s amusement. Maybe I should’ve asked for a new robe for my birthday.


4 thoughts on “The Kid Knows His Mom

  1. LOL!! That picture is awesome! I seriously can’t stop laughing. You know, if it weren’t for the smiley face, I would’ve totally thought that was a picture of a potato! Man, I love kids…and I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing the sweet moments as well as the funny ones. =) P.S. I think we need a sushi date.

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