How to stay humble

Things that have happened in the last week to keep me humble:
1. Last Friday, I was parked right in front of the (busy) CFA drive-thru while trying to get B in his seat. A gust of wind blows up my skirt, Marilyn Monroe-style. When I went to adjust it, I found my entire bottom hanging out in the wind. Also (unlike Marilyn Monroe), I was wearing my most hideous laundry-day undies which had not been, ahem, well adjusted. I turned around to do the Maybe Nobody Saw That Sweep and made eye contact with the drivers of 3 cars.
2. A few days ago, I met some friend’s at Jason’s Deli and was feeling pretty good because I was wearing my grey cord blazer. After visiting the salad bar twice and almost finishing my lunch, my darling friends burst into a fit a giggles. Apparently I’d had a tampon hanging well out of my pocket the whole time. Super.
3. Lastly was this morning at CFA (again, don’t judge-enclosed playplace+wifi+yummy chicken). Blake came running out of the playplace, and in his outside voice, yelled “Mom!! Let’s check and see if I pooped my pants.” Pause Pause “Oh!! Nope, I just tooted. It was just a toot.”


3 thoughts on “How to stay humble

  1. 1. Jealous that you got to go to a Jason’s Deli. I miss that place way too much.
    2. Blake Moment – That is the funniest thing I have ever heard! I can imagine him doing that 🙂 hahahahaha

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