Daddy’s place (aka: More conversations with B)

As I was tucking Blake into his bed last night, this was our conversation:
“Mama, why are you coming to Home Depot with us tomorrow?”

“We’re picking out paint, so I want to be there.” I responded.

Blake says, “Why does Daddy go to Home Depot and Lowes so much?”

“(chuckling inside) I guess those are Daddy’s places. (cringing slightly, as I ask…) What do you think Mom’s places are?”

Without skipping a beat, he answers, “Target and Costco.”


2 thoughts on “Daddy’s place (aka: More conversations with B)

  1. Outstanding, this kid is very observent…
    I do not actually need a reason to go to Home Depot or Lowe’s – when days are slow I will drop in just to smell the nails.
    Robert L

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