Happy Valentimes Day!!!

Am I the only one who sees this scene in my head from 30 Rock every single year?? http://youtu.be/ZocWZYJx6Ic Say that I’m not alone.

Valentines Day has been hyped up to a fever pitch in this household, and although you may not believe it, it’s not my fault. I guess I blame preschool and the fact that my 4 year old son thinks he’s Rico Suave. He’s been searching for an engagement ring (in the bottom of his toybox) for Erin (in her 20’s) for weeks. He said yes when his favorite girl at preschool proposed, so he said he needs one for her too. When I explained to him that you only marry once, he was perplexed. Oh Dear Lord, please don’t let that be a sign of things to come.

After some deep thought during nap time yesterday, he came to me and said, “Mama, I need to write a Valentine for Freya that says ‘Dear Freya, I love you. Love, Blake’. Will you help me with the ‘k’ in Blake?” Freya is in his preschool class and they really are the cutest. I was a tad overwhelmed with his first love note, though. I looked into his intense little face and said, “Oh Blake, I love you.” He hugged me and responded, “And I love Freya.” Um.

B helped me make “strawberry fudge” for his friends today and worked so hard addressing each Valentine note with me. It seriously brought tears to my eyes, just…the realization that he’s so grown up. I decided decorate some, since we’re having so much fun with the holiday.

I do have the greatest Valentine.

I hope you have a wonderful day celebrating love. I hope you know that there is a great lover of your soul, Jesus, who’s love is more powerful than anything we can know here on earth.

“Because your love is better than life, my lips will praise you.” Psalm 63:3


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