Prospero Ano y Felicidad

Some thoughts on New Years Day.

1. I don’t get all hyped about New Years Resolutions, but I have one for this year. I’d like to get back to making my own bread. I started way back here and actually stuck with it for quite some time, but life got busy and one purchased loaf turned into another.

2. Blake has taken on the hysterical new habit of calling Stu my husband, as if he’s someone I dated and married after Blake came along. He says things like “Mom! Your husband helped me put my shoes on!” and “Does your husband have to go to work today?” My favorite, though, was when he woke up on Stu’s birthday, with Team Fahs (who had been over for a slumber party). He looked around and yelled, “Hey kids!! Today is my mom’s husband’s birthday!”

3. I’m pleased to announce that Blake is as in love with Christmas as I am. Without a huge barrage of presents. We (kind of and mostly) stuck to our 3 present rule (although one grandmother cheated some). Santa brought him a 9.99 cardboard playhouse and markers with which to color it. Santa actually left Blake a letter saying that he couldn’t help but pull out Blake’s own awesome train set and playing a bit before he left. Blake hadn’t seen that train set in months and Santa had set it up using just about every piece, which really added to the wow factor of Christmas morning. B played with his own toy for quite some time!

I was honestly a bit scared that without a huge pile of presents, I wouldn’t be able to captivate him with the holiday. I was wrong. When I explained that we were taking down the tree, his lip poked out in, truly, the saddest face. He began to cry and just said, “I don’t want Christmas to be over.” Me neither, kid.

4. I’m nervous and excited to start running again, hopefully this week. Breaking my toe back in October really threw me out of what had been a successful running streak. As soon as the coughing fits lay off, I’m starting back. They’re getting better everyday, everyone in this house is almost sleeping through the night without a cough party. Anyways, I’ve been using the holidays to pad my start weight so that my results would be even more inspiring. 🙂

5. We chose not to travel this year for Christmas, and the quality time that we’ve had here at home with Blake has been absolutely priceless. He’s maturing into a little boy before my eyes. 2 nights ago, while I was making dinner, he asked to help. He’s been asking that about everything, and I so want to encourage him! I thought he’d lose interest pretty quickly, but this time he didn’t. He poured ingredients into the pan, helped me stir, grated cheese, and watched our casserole de leftovers as it baked. Then he asked if we could make juice. We did happen to have entirely too many oranges and limes, so I agreed to pull out the juicer. Stu came in to help me peel (the worst part of juicing). We tackled the limes and handed B one orange. we figured that would entertain him until we finished everything else. That boy surprised us both and peeled all of the oranges! He stuck with us through the juicing process as well, and we both marveled at our son, who had just started and finished a very tedious task! His prayer before dinner: “Dear Lord, thank you that I could play and have SO much fun with my family.” Amen

6. Pamela gave Blake the Jesus Storybook Bible for Christmas. I love this book more than words can express. It takes the stories of the Bible and simplifies them, so that my little boy can understand them. We are reading a couple every day and he is loving it! More importantly, it explains how every story, starting with Adam and Eve, points to Jesus. I’ve been moved to tears several times, because I myself had not realized how connected these stories were.

Finally, Happy New Year to you! The Hills have high hopes that 2012 is the year, one way or another, we become a family of 4… or 5!  🙂


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