Husband Open Letter #2

I mean seriously. There are weekdays where this blog is the most contact we have. I really go into husband withdrawls after a weekend of having you nonstop. What’s crazy is that when I have you all weekend, there are all kinds of things that I forget to tell you. But now that you’re not answering your office phone (do you have caller id there?), I have lots of things.

-I just got an allergy shot and it’s already KICKING MY BUTT. I bet you wish I could get my allergies under control as much as I do. Because then I would stop talking about them. I have sneezed at least 275 times this morning. Blake asked if I would please stop.

-During the cantada yesterday, I could not look at you and Blake out there. It made me cry every time. We are so lucky.

-Your little boy woke up late, and the first thing he did was cry and tell me that he did not want to go to preschool. He was slightly perked up by the time I left him there. Mostly, though, my heart is broken. I want to go get him and snuggle him.

-Your house is a WRECK. Who’s in charge around here?

-Your laptop doesn’t want to type u’s, the battery doesn’t hold a charge, the charger won’t keep it charged unless it’s under duress, and it refuses to show what I’m typing for about 5 minutes. I want a mac next.

-If you’ll call HR about our insurance, I’ll call Verizon about our bill. Deal?

-You helped me get through an INSANE week last week, and now I’m ready to spend some QT with my man (that’s you).

-You turn 35 this Saturday!! Which makes you 4 years older than me again, as it should be. 🙂

-I love you. Come home? I’ll be here.


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