A Serious Question

Last night, we had a conversation about adoption. Stu and I are thinking a lot about it lately. While Blake was brushing his teeth, Stu said, “Blake, I’m so proud that you’re mine.” To which Blake responded, “I’m so proud you’re my daddy! And I’m so proud you’re my mommy!”

It was a regular love-fest.

I sat him down in my lap and told Blake that we are very blessed to have a family with a mommy and daddy. I told him that there are little boys and girls out there that don’t have mommies and daddies. I asked him what he thought about adopting a little girl or boy and being their family. I explained that I could be her mommy and he could be her big brother. He seemed pretty excited about the idea, then he got quiet. Just when I thought I’d lost him (I was sure he was about to ask if he could watch Wonder Pets), he looked at my eyes and asked me a serious question:
“Will you still be MY mommy?”

Oh sweet boy. Always and forever.


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