Things I don’t want to forget

Blake was LarryBoy for Halloween (my least favorite holiday ever), and at his request, I painted my face to look like Madame Blueberry. I looked a fright and he looked hilarious. He’s really enjoyed staying in character since then. At school, I noticed that he’s been writing his name as Blake LB. He has also been calling me Madame Blueberry more than he calls me mom.

Last night, as I did my (fairly) regular workout routine on Exercise TV, he joined in and it was about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. His abs must not be as sore as mine, though, because he’s begging to do it again today. I suppose I have a new accountability partner?

In his bed today, during his “naptime”, he practically wrote a sonnet about his love for his Lovie. He truly believes that thing has feelings.

When asked what he was thankful for at school, he answered, “playing with Quinn and Cheerios and milk.”

He wants to “help” with everything! He follows me around the house, doing laundry, cleaning up, baking, taking the dog out, and it’s just so darn adorable (and time consuming :)).

Sometimes I just have some things I want to remember.

That sweet boy can be beyond exhausting sometimes, and if Stubborn were a diagnosable condition, he’d be a labeled child. All I know to do is just bottle up these sweet moments when he wants to do everything with me. I don’t want to wish any of it away. I’m so lucky.


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