I know you think YOU have real problems

…but guys, we still have bad coffee here. I can no longer tolerate bad coffee.

If you haven’t been following the saga, read #6 here. Then read this.

If you read back, you’ll see that suggesting a Kuerig to me will be a waste of time. I want real coffee, not something the reminds me of it. We replaced the Kuerig with the deluxe Mr. Coffee. This was fine for awhile, but now our coffee doesn’t taste quite right. Maybe, like it’s alittle burned? It even doesn’t smell right. A friend lended us their Hamilton Beach coffeemaker so we could see if things were the same. And they are! Lest you think it’s the coffee, it’s not. I’ve had it before and it’s usually glorious, plus I switched coffee awhile back just to be sure. The coffeemaker we used to have was the Cuisinart, and we loved it (until it died). I didn’t want to spend the money on a new one, but I’m willing to. What’s the deal? Does anyone know?


2 thoughts on “I know you think YOU have real problems

  1. Long shot, but has anything happened to y’alls water? Austin water is absolutely horrid. It would ruin a pot of coffee. We had to get a filtration thingy put on our water just so we could enjoy our coffee. Maybe something to look into?

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