Leaf for Jesus.

This is my view in our hotel room.

This is Stu trying to read a very complicated book about space to Blake (that B keeps insisting on reading, even though it’s really more of a big kid study book). Every time one of us reads it with him, B wants to discuss heaven. We’ve tried to explain that space isn’t heaven, but he’s quite sure it is. He just explained this to Stu:
“Daddy, me and you and Mommy aren’t going to go to heaven. Jesus is just going to come over to our house and I’ll give him a leaf for coming over”
A leaf is Blake’s new “host gift”, he picks a special one for all our guests.



3 thoughts on “Leaf for Jesus.

  1. Oh, sweet Blake- It’s Miss Emily here! Just the other day, I found the leaf you gave me over the summer in a purse I had put away in my closet. The leaf is now sitting on my dresser in my bedroom. It has a tiny bug hole in it. I will have to show it to you next time I visit. 🙂

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