Note to self: Remember tonight

There are so many moments as the Mom of Blake that I want to bottle up and never forget. That’s actually the number one reason I began writing. I was afraid I would forget.

The other day I had one of those moments that I knew I would always remember, but still, what if I don’t? 🙂

Blake came running in from the bath, ahem…without clothing, and asked me to hold him. I almost always say yes to that. I picked him up, all 45lbs of him, he put his head down on my shoulder, and I caught a glimpse of us in my full length mirror. He did not even remotely resemble the baby I think he is! His feet hung all the way down to my knees! I thought to myself, man, I don’t have much more time like this. One day, picking him up like this will be ridiculous. I have to stand right here for as long as he’ll stand it and I have to remember this.

Tonight we played a “game” (I can get him to humor me if I tell him something’s a game) where I take a book that he’s heard a thousand times and have him flip through it and tell me what is happening. It’s been hilarious to hear how he has interpreted some of these stories! Stu sat there as B told him all about how Max wore a wolf suit and was bad and chased the dog and threatened to eat his mommy up, and how he got in trouble and got sent to his room with no dinner. He told how Max’s room turned into a forest and then Max sailed away in a boat. He was pretty fuzzy on the storyline about the wild things until the wild rumpus started. THAT, he was clear on. At the end of the story, Max ended up back in his room with dinner waiting on him. I asked if he understood that Max never left his room. Stu’s eyes got kind of big. I went on to explain that Max fell asleep and dreamed about going to the place where the wild things are and that while he slept, his mom brought him dinner and he woke up. By now Blake’s eyes are big. Apparently I’ve just busted up a pretty big conspiracy. Maybe on the level of Santa. Stu said, in the most serious tone (I still can’t really tell if he was kidding, he swears he wasn’t), that that had NEVER in all of his life occurred to him. Did you know that Max was dreaming the whole time? I haven’t seen the movie, but I’m sure that’s how it was portrayed…right?

And don’t even get me started in our second book. Ok, I’ll do it anyways.  He’s starting to really like, “Love You Forever”. For those who don’t read children’s books every night, this is the one where the mommy sneaks in her little boy’s room in the night at all stages of growing up and rocks him while singing, “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as I’m living, My baby you’ll be.” Are you crying yet? Just wait. Then, the boy grows up to be a man and the mommy still drives over to his house and sings it to him every now and then (slightly odd, but still sweet). The book tells that the mom has grown very old and calls her son to her. She tries to sing it to him, but can’t. So, he picks up his old, frail mom and sings it to her. “I’ll love you forever, I’ll like you for always, As long as you’re living, My mommy you’ll be.” It’s unspoken that the Mom passes away (don’t spread that around,it could be a bombshell to Stu). The man then goes home, picks up his new baby girl and sings the song to her. I need a face squeegee every time I read it.  At the end, while I was pretty sure we were having the sweetest moment ever, Blake tells me that he’s going to grow up and have a baby one day, and it will be baby Quinn! And that baby Quinn will be in his belly. I have so much explaining to do. Does anyone have a stuffed stork that I can use to demonstrate??


2 thoughts on “Note to self: Remember tonight

  1. When I was pregnant with Seth, Kriston sat down next to me and made me read that Love you Forever book. By the end I was not crying. I’m starting to believe I’m the only mother that has not cried to that book. Granted I was just pregnant. Now that I have a sweet angel, I probably would. But she was in shock and awe that I got through that book without one single tear. hehehe… I’ll never forget that. Made me feel like I should reread it and see if it works 🙂

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