Things I’m currently in love with:

1. Chobani Yogurt. I’m telling you, if you eat it the way they advise, it is heaven. The box we buy it in says not to stir, just scoop from top to bottom to get some yogurt, and some fruit from the bottom. It is incredible, like cheesecake. And I’m not much of a yogurt fan. AND, I can pronounce almost every ingredient on the label.

2. Running. Once I’m done. Not while I’m doing it.

3. My new bathroom tile. And my husband who can do anything.

4. Summer. There is no amount of heat waves, humidity, or mosquitoes that will ever affect my love affair with summer. If you look here, you can see how I feel about winter (for some perspective). Plus, summer in Maryland is a joke. I grew up in Texas, so I will always laugh when I hear them say, “it’s gonna be a scorcher, drink lots of water” on the weather report. Lovelovelove summer.

5. My son’s developing sense of humor.

6. Erin’s new haircut.

7. AM preschool. Afternoon preschool is OUT, naps are so back IN! Whoop!!

8. Roadtrips.


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