In other news

I have some other things I need to tell you, oh internet confidant.

1. For those of you who thought my Frank joke was funny and want to name my next child that…well…we’re not. He’s an ex and it would be super awkward. Probably a bad joke on my part.

2. I love that awkward is spelled awkwardly.

3. I have been too lazy to buy a box at the store, so I’ve been stealing Sweet n’ Low packets from restaurants and keeping them in my purse like an old lady. That feels good to get off my chest. I blame Christopher and Lana for that bad habit. That felt good too.

4. I’m keeping our new goldfish in a water pitcher, which should be a good indicator of my faith in his longevity. Unfortunately (fortunately?), Elvis is really resilient (unlike his buddy Wynonna). I may have to invest in a real home for him.

5. I’ve been burning 2 Yankee Candles at once. And I love it. Specifically, Lemonade and Mint. It’s extravagant, I know. But with all of the money I’m saving on not having to buy Sweet n’ Low, why not?

6. The coffee brewing from my beautiful, new, Keurig coffeemaker is never strong enough. I do believe that this might have something to do with the fact that I want a BIG cup of coffee in the morning and the bigger the brewed cup, the weaker the coffee. Essentially, I drink 2 cups of coffee in 1 giant mug every morning, so I think I’m just going to have to brew 2 smaller cups to have it strong enough. I’m thinking this was why I loved my pot of coffee. It was big and strong. Like my man.

That is all. Please advise me of the strongest K-cup coffee you are aware of.


6 thoughts on “In other news

  1. You should be blushing, Stu! I kinda did for ya 🙂 Kathy – I left you a message, but I’ll post too in case anyone has an opinion – Emerald’s (like the Chef) coffee has a bold or extra bold? That’s strong. And the Donut Shop coffee has a strong coffee as well. Those are the strongest I’ve found. I drink them because my sister and mom will not. They get them, try them, think they’re too strong (they’re so not) and so I drink them. Hope this helps! OH! I do have a friend that likes strong coffee too and they recently got one of those makers. I’ll see what he’s found…

  2. I’ve got more! (can you tell I’m all about getting the good coffee. still love you for getting us our wonderful coffee maker!) My friends that just got their K last Fall said that they think Newman’s Own Blend and Green Mountain’s Dark Bold Roast are strong. Guess it’s going to take some taste testing to figure it out. But once you do, let me know what you decide 🙂

  3. Ok, swear it – last comment. It’s just that I completely understand your disappointment in the strength of the coffee with this machine so I feel I must help you!

    So I googled – Strongest Keurig coffee. Found on Amazon:

    Then back in ’08 some lady made a comment on about the new Keurig she purchased and said:
    Another wonderful feature of the Keurig is the add-on Cup that lets you use your own preferred brand and grind of coffee. It’s a reusable and refillable K Cup that has a permanent filter and can be washed and ready for your next cup almost instantly. One of these reusable cups comes with the Costco package. Even better, you can order My Cup lids from a private vendor online and reuse the disposable K Cups themselves. I’ve done so with great success and have a stack of empty, washed K Cups I use over and over.

    Hope this helps! love you!

  4. Kelli, you are awesome. I tried the My Cup, we do have it. The problem is that the cup is not big enough to hold as much coffee as I want in one cup. Why can’t they just offer a bigger cup?? Even of my own coffee, which is pretty strong. This is yet another indicator that I have a problem. I did try a brand today (Someone Stu works with read this and is trying to help-people really can relate to coffee problems :-)), and it was pretty good, just still not as strong as I want it. I so have a problem. haha

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