Maybe You’re Not Pregnant Too?

So it turns out that I know more than 3 of you who aren’t pregnant. You guys piped up like it was role call!


The notes I got in response to my last blog were abundant, and I was so grateful to hear from each of you who shared! Women have a reputation for being catty. However, most of us are not. I know so many women who are kind, generous, and full of love. Some of your experiences really put mine in perspective. I was suprised to see how many of you have struggled with fertility issues and miscarriage. I was encouraged by how many of you struggled, and now have the families you had hoped for. I was immeasurably impressed by the sorrow some of you have experienced and fought through. Being a girl is hard. Being a mother takes it to a new level.

So, I’ve decided that since I’m out of the closet, I’ll keep you posted on our TTC journey. It will probably be too much information (TMI on TTC, anyone?), but hey, you’re in control of your browser. This is something I’ve kept private (as many women do), and I’m ready to be frank.

So, you can call me Frank.


5 thoughts on “Maybe You’re Not Pregnant Too?

  1. You do realize that now we will demand that you name your second son “Frank Jr,” right? ;). Actually, I guess the same demand could be made of a daughter! It will be cleansing to share your journey–too often we forget that our friends need us to share our frustrations and fears so that we don’t feel like we are suffering our own all alone–we have each other for support! Plus it makes celebrating the good stuff that much better.

  2. I love this, and I love you.

    ps- we call my sister Frank because her middle name is Frances. Just a little something to consider…

    pss- lets pretend like I’m not breaking my no internet rule today and looking at blogs… eekkkkk, I’ve been caught!!

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