The Train

Blake has a cute little Thomas the Train that makes choo choo noises and is also a flashlight.  And, it’s kind of possessed.  It occasionally just choo choos for no apparent reason.  Blake, like his father, is not a fan of the unexpected.  He was especially unamused the other night when, in his dark, quiet room, the train went off.  It scared the crap out of him.  It took Daddy awhile to calm him down and we had to show him several times that the train was gone.  Stu carried it downstairs so that it would be extra far away.  The next morning, Blake found the assaulting toy in the living room and promptly shoved it in the bathroom, slamming the door shut.  He’s satisfied that the train is safely locked away, until everytime he has to, ahem, potty.  So, when he needs the restroom, he puts the train outside the door until he’s done-as seen below.  Of course, he always locks it up again.  I know that I should just throw the train out, but free entertainment is hard to come by and this show is funny. 


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