Super Important Info

I have been avoiding the dentist.   Frankly, if it aint broke, I didn’t think the dentist should look at it.  But, while I dislike resolution talk, I did make one this year.  I decided that Stu and I were going to be making many doctor’s appointments that we have been putting off.  Odd little specialty doctors, like having that mole looked at, dealing with my allergy problems, and making sure everyone in my family sees a dentist this year.  Crazy, I know.  And I totally regret it.  Going to the dentist got me in a heapload of trouble.  So, now I’m looking at several appointments worth of dental work to recover from Lack of Flossed Teeth Syndrome.  Otherwise known as cavities.

So, I calmly explained to the dentist that I’m disappointed that this Super Important Info has been kept under-wraps.  I mean, people should be talking about this more.  Flossing is, apparently, a pretty big deal.  Maybe someone should release some studies about it or something.  Maybe start some sort of flossing capaign in schools.  Well, anyways, until this information becomes common knowledge, I’ll do my part to spread the word.  You should floss.  And you’re welcome.


One thought on “Super Important Info

  1. There was a guy with an in-law who is a dental hygienist and she bored everyone at family events by constantly railing about cleaning and especially flossing flossing flossing. One day he told her he thought flossing was a pain in the butt. She said “Oh, well, your probably not doing it right.”

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