God is Great, God is good…

…Let us thank Him for our food.  By His hands, we are fed, thank you God for daily bread.  Amen.

This is the prayer we taught Blake about a year ago as our “dinner prayer”.  And quite typically, my little lover of routine asks to do it before every meal.  If we forget, he will remind us.  The problem with the cute little prayer is that now when other people offer a personal prayer before a meal, he can hardly stand it.  He will wiggle and wiggle through it and ask to do “his prayer” afterwards.  So, as a new adaptation, we have started adding some personalization to “his prayer”.  I don’t want him to see prayer as a motion we go through.  I want him to understand that the Creator of Heaven and Earth wants to talk to him.  So, after “Amen”, we will each take a turn thanking God for something.  He’s not really been amused with the change in his routine.  Mostly, he was tolerating it and would thank God for whatever I thanked Him for. 

But today, as we left Costco with our lunch on the go, he asked to pray in the car.  Sure, so I turned around and we said the prayer that Blake loves.  At the end, I offered, “Thank you God for the money to buy groceries.”  And when his turn came, I was thrilled to hear that he’s getting it.  Here was Blake’s:

“Thank you God for Costco.  Thank you God for hot dogs.  Thank you God for lemonade.  Thank you God for preschool.  Thank you God for the trees and outside.  Thank you God for home.”



One thought on “God is Great, God is good…

  1. Thank you for sharing. That just might be the highlight of my day.

    I’m coming again to DC next weekend and will hopefully send out an email tonight.

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