Right this minute

Sometimes you just have one of those lovely moments that makes you so happy that you are right where you, are and nowhere else in the whole world would make you happier.  That’s where I am right this minute.  I brought Blake to my bed this morning, while I take care of some work on the lappy.  So far he has not asked for tv, which is a wonder in itself.  He has been playing under the covers with his “domidos” (Stu gave him a game set of dominos to play with the other morning and it has been a very messy and brilliant idea).  He has asked to read Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen (thanks Trina!), Madeline by Ludwig Bemmelmans, Grown up Day by Jack Kent, and Fox in Sox by Dr. Suess.  I find it super odd that he remembers the author of every book I read him.  Is that weird?  I’m talking upwards of 30 books that he could spout off authors for.  He’s so much like his daddy.  Anyways, my point is that I cherish these sweet moments where he is just happy to be close to me, and not fighting me about something.  As Kate Gosselin says, “3 is the new 2”.  Our threes have been pretty terrible, so I will commit to cherish these lovely moments.  His most recent request is to listen to “I go to the Rock” on itunes (our choir CD).  Now that the music is blasting, he’s doing this, while humming along:

For today, that’s what I’m thankful for.  Oh Lord, please let this feeling last me through the witching hour this afternoon. 🙂

ps. I’m going to give it about 10 more minutes before I consider that he might be acting like this (sweet) because he’s sick.  Start timer.


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