The Case for Naptime andalongwindedsidenote

I’m currently stationed in the hallway outside the door of my (almost) 3 year old. We are too many temper-tantrums into this day and I’m going to have to play the Mom Card and insist that he lay there until the sleep overtakes him.  He’s pretty determined to not sleep, but as usual, he underestimates me.  I always win.  Side note:  I’m one of those crazy moms that  doesn’t negotiate with her child, because I’m aware that at 3 (2, 1), he probably can’t rationally decide what’s best for him.  This crowd of determined mothers is slowly being intimidated into silence because the Generation of Coddling Mothers accuses us of child abuse or emotional neglect.  But, we’re here.  We’re still teaching our kids to sleep in their beds and making them eat what they’re given, and disciplining them when they don’t obey, etc.  We’re still busy being in charge and teaching them the super-valuable lesson that although they are loved intensely, they are not the center of the universe.  And oddly enough, our kids are still happy. Anyways, I digress.  And, whew,  it felt good.  It’s obvious that those “helpful”parenting websites are affecting me.

It’s been a busy week for us, as it was for many of you.  Blake started preschool yesterday.  We are on the waitlist for an AM class, so for now we are going to skip naptime on those days for the sake of education (“education” may be a stretch). Only 2 days a week.  Ever since we put him in a real bed, he skips naptime about 25% of the time anyways (due to the fact that freedom is now so attainable).  But on those nights, at about 5:30, his evil twin shows up and won’t go away until you put him in bed.  I try to make it until 6:30 before he’s banished there, but it’s rough, people.

I have proof.  Exhibits A, B, and C in The Case for Naptime.  Here’s breakfast with my darling rested boy:


B: Before school:

C: After school:

I rest my case.  Maybe I should include these photos in the desperate plea to the preschool to find a spot for him in AM class.



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