Hand, foot, and mouth

Sounds like hoof and mouth, so I figured it only affected cattle. But no, hand, foot, and mouth affected us.  We spent all of last week in seclusion. This is what our week looked like:

It started with a very high fever. We fought it for about 2 days.  In my desperation to get it down, I took some hilarious advice.  A very sweet friend suggested some natural remedies.  I’m all for natural.  I’m also very likely to have motrin on hand as a backup.  Anyways, on day 2 while he was playing at the table, I decided to see if egg whites really will suck the heat from the body through the feet.  That’s right.  I received detailed instructions on how to wrap egg white soaked cloths around his feet and then wait for the fever to subside.  Supposedly the egg would even dry up and such.  Blake was unamused with Mommy’s “silly game” and began to high talk: “egg on feet, NO!”.  The kid’s no fool, he knew something wasn’t right.  He humored me though (get used to it, eh?), and tried to forget about his breakfast sandwich feet.

In defense of the method, I didn’t do it correctly.  I was supposed to use cloths instead of socks.  But, well, his feet were still covered in salmonella.  About 15 minutes later the thermometer looked like this:

So, I gave him the motrin. And 2 hours later, tylenol.

And now, a testament to my son’s pain tolerance.  On day 2, while eating some strawberries, he said, “Mama, I hurt my mouth!”  This is weird, because Blake very rarely verbalizes pain.  I thought maybe he bit his tongue, but I looked in to find his mouth and throat covered in sores.  The pediatrician offered to see us on the spot so we rushed in.  She asked him what hurt.  He showed her the scratch on his toe.  Oy.  She was astonished.  She said it was a pretty bad case and we could give him motrin for the pain.  Although he was uncomfortable and extra snuggly (yay!), he never mentioned his mouth again.  We might have a sickly baby, but at least he’s a tough one!!

Scrambled eggs anyone?


One thought on “Hand, foot, and mouth

  1. This is why we love you Kathy. Scrambled egg socks are right up there with the snuggie. I have said once before and I will say it again, you need to get that kid’s tonsils taken out. I am telling you my brother was sick all of the time until he was like 4 or 5 and then they took his out. He went for probably a year or two without being sick. I don’t know why but it worked for him.

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