Home Sweet Home

Since we got back from our Texas trip we have been very busy dealing with:

1. The atrocious unidentifiable smell that knocked us down as we walked in the house. Welcome home! We finally traced it to the garbage disposal and no amount of bleach would kill it. And we used alot of bleach. Finally, one brand new disposal later, we are up and running again.

2. An awful case of swimmers ear for B, probably due to the millions of dips in baby pools and the fact that his  mother plugged the wrong ear the whole time (I thought his left ear still had a tube in it, but it turns out that it’s his right ear-oy!)

3. Potential Lyme’s-I got a tick. 🙂

4. One week of amazing weather. Highs around 85 for the week=no air conditioner usage for us and windows open! It was awesome. It’s back up to 100 now, so Marylanders again have something to complain about. Thank goodness.

5. Getting back to the Bible Study I’ve been working on, which has been absolutely life-changing. Discerning the Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer has taught me so much about how God wants to communicate with us, if we would only be quiet and hear him. The things He has to say are amazing.

6. An emotionally exhausting journey of wanting desperately to help someone who won’t help herself.

7. One awesome trip to the aquarium. Of all that we pay to see with that membership, mostly Sophie and Blake enjoy watching the divers (the guys who feed the fish).

8. Gearing up for one of my favorite things to do: throw a baby shower!!

9. Building Valance Boxes (with a great deal of help from my awesome husband).

10. Prep work for CPAC! Children’s Performing Arts Camp is next week at church, and I’m excited to be working with the kids in the drama department. Not that I know a thing about drama.

11. Lastly, my son is having mood swings. He’s very much enjoying the fact that he can clearly express “happy” and “sad”.  Yesterday, when I asked why he was crying, he (with great flair) put both hands to his face and exclaimed, “I’m sad Mommy!”  Oh my. He enjoys showing “happy’ as well, but seems to prefer wallowing (especially if there’s a mirror within sight). Why is that??

I hope to keep you better posted from now on. One of my most faithful readers (Migi) reminded me that on my blog we were still in LaGrange.

And I’ll leave you now with the words my son is chanting right now, “No naked naked naked boy, it’s not your birthday.”


2 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. I beg to differ… I am quite certain you have a HUGE drama back ground!! You after all were the STAR (and almost everyone else) in Romeo and Juliet!!
    And my son’s new favorite is… “No Mama… I’m MAD!”
    Temper, temper, little one! I feel your 2 yr old little man pains! 🙂

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