Want want want

“The best you’ll ever look pooping your pants”  -Huggies


4 thoughts on “Want want want

  1. This so reminds me of the time I took Cam to work when he was a baby. He was wearing one of those polo-onesies. My colleague said, “Boy, I’d love to just throw on my shirt, snap it under the crotch, and walk off to work!” With these, you’d just fasten your dipe, throw on your best t-shirt, and off you’d go!

  2. Long time no chat….
    So sorry about your Aunt… Will keep your family in our thoughts and prayers…
    Too funny about the diapers… Maybe you and Cory really are ‘meant to be.’
    He came home with these the other day… and he was abnormally excited about them!
    You two could dress your family in them and tour the country in your van-a-gan…
    LOL- I’m sure I butchered that spelling… but hey… What can I say…??
    Hope all is well… 🙂

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