This week on American Idol…

I. Love. This. Man.  Seriously, how could you not?!

I’m organizing our home movies and find this little jewel  from December 2007.  I suppose we were hard-up for entertainment, since we had a 2 month old at the time.  It makes me laugh so hard my stomach hurts and love him so much my chest could burst.


4 thoughts on “This week on American Idol…

  1. Wow! There are so few words. Actually, there are so many words I could use. So I’ll just agree and say, yes, there is no way you could NOT love this man! Absolutely love him! Journey never sounded so good!

  2. That’s whole a lot of Na Na Na’s. Yet it kept my attention.
    Wait till you see his Streets With No Name performance. Genius.

  3. My favorite is the “rocker kick” a.k.a. Van Halen. Nice touch and combined with those smooth vocals and a wonderful stage presence, his performance brought tears to my eyes but maybe it’s because I banged my knee on my desk laughing so hard.

  4. Hahahahah!! Oh my! I find it hilarious that that song has like 1 word, but I think your running commentary made this what it was- HILARIOUS!!

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