One of my secrets…

Listen guys, I can’t keep this to myself any longer.

There’s really not a nice way to tell someone they need this, but I hope that the fact that I’m confessing that I use it helps you understand that I can relate.  I confess this out of love, and in everyone’s best interest.  Because of this product, none of us mommies should be running around with greasy hair.  Trust  me, I have been there.  I have, in a rush, looked in the mirror and known that the right thing to do is shower immediately.  Then I would calculate how long showering and blowdrying would take.  Sometimes I would add in the time it would take to clean up whatever Blake destroyed while he knew I was too occupied to watch him.  So I would try to get my hair into a “cute” ponytail and hope that nobody could tell I didn’t wash it today.  Or worse, in order to fulfill the stay-at-home-mom cliche, grab a baseball cap to go with my awesome yoga pants.  I really do understand.  I’m not judging you.  Our demanding jobs require sacrifices; sometimes it’s a shower.

And here’s the thing about the ponytail.  We can tell.  Although we are still not judging, we can look at a woman and know that she had a rough morning, even if the ponytail is cute.

Don’t misunderstand, you can read here that I am a shower advocate.  But when you can’t, you really shouldn’t hang a greasy sign on your head announcing that you missed one.

So, please, go out and buy yourself some of this:

It’s dry shampoo.  You apply the powder all over your roots and run it through your hair with fingers or a brush.  The powder absorbs the oil in your hair and voila!  Good as new.  Well, not quite as good as new, but good in a pinch.  It’s about $19, but has lasted me 8 months so far.

Now, if you ever notice that I smell extra citrus-y, you’ve caught me. 🙂


One thought on “One of my secrets…

  1. Wow! I promise I did shower today though I clearly looked like I could’ve used the dry shampoo. I further promise that I’m just having a really bad hair week . . . month. I am desperately in need of a good haircut . . . and the babysitting said haircut would require . . . and I guess also the budget said haircut might require. It is true, though, the stuff really does smell citrus-y fresh! (Seriously, this is one of my favorite posts to your site ever . . . Though “Friends are Calling Yoo-Hoo” is still my favorite title!)

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