The Backyardigans

Tio and Meat Truck showed up on Mother’s Day weekend to help Stu refurbish our patio.  It was falling apart.  And now, thanks to their TLC, it looks fantastic.  Stu made a little movie about it.


5 thoughts on “The Backyardigans

  1. Nice movie, Stuart! It looks great, guys!
    Kathy, I heard your cooking was quite amazing and got the most details about the Cap’n Crunch french toast breakfast!
    The thing on the tree worries me, though, I won’t lie. Ew.

  2. Seriously, I live closer and have so many trees you can blow your boogers on …I’ll take a patio and whatever we can fit into a curb appeal weekend…
    Goodness, that was awesome, guys…
    Kathy, I hope you fed them well…they deserved your great cooking!!!
    Love it!!! I didn’t see an ashtray?

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