Cell photo dump

I take all sorts of weird pics on my phone, and every now and then I like to dump them here for you to see.  Lucky you.

We kept our friend’s girls recently and the baby ONLY wanted Stu.  He was pretty puffed up about it:

Spring showed up!

Blake in the infamous boots:

I realize that these are 2 “dress up” pictures of my son. His dad is unamused.  But the other ladies at the shoe store thought this was hilarious!

Sometimes I think Baltimore is pretty.  I get over it quickly, but still.

Crocodile hunting:

Well, at least we can’t call him a hypocrite, right?


Musical interlude…

He probably wouldn’t have let me get off with a warning had he known I took this picture:

My favorite kind of day:

“Blake takes a break from the Mardi Gras festivities to catch his breath” caption by Summer 🙂

Showing some Jaguar pride in the NorthEast- a land that could never wrap their brains around the wonders of Beaumont, TX:


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