I have been baffled to find out that the things coming out of my child’s mouth came directly from mine.  The concept isn’t surprising, I know that toddlers are little sponges who copy what they hear.  The interesting thing is that I don’t even realize some of the things I say until they come out of his mouth.  For instance:

We get to the front door, ready to go somewhere, and Blake turns back to the kitchen saying, “OH waitwaitwaitwait.”  Apparently this is what I say (and EXACTLY how I say it) when I inevitably realize I forgot something.  He does it now before we leave any place.

Blake will ask me for something and then immediately respond to his own question by saying, “OK, in a minute.”

In response to doing something he knows will annoy me (like making his toy sax shriek), he’ll yell, “OKOKOKOK!!”

In Target yesterday, in front of alot of people, he grabbed something off the shelf and I said, “Blake, don’t touch!”   To which he responded (loudly), “I sfank a hiney!”  The f isn’t a typo, it’s how he says it.

Sometimes he mocks things that make me happy, like when he does something good and announces, “Mommy SO proud of YOU!”

How is it that my baby is talking to me?  Time is flying.


One thought on “Mockingbird

  1. It is scary/funny to see how they mimic us. I noticed it most recently when Lucy started talking to her grandparents on the phone – if I so much as interject a single syllable, she covers the phone up and says “Mommy, please don’t talk to me while I am on the phone!” Sassy!

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