Wheezy B

Blake got sick.  Again.

This time it was pretty bad.  He was admitted to the hospital for 2 days while we struggled with high fevers, low oxygen levels, wheezing, and coughing.  We got to go home today, with many diagnoses written on his discharge sheet.  They include the flu, RSV, and bronchiolitis.  He really scared us this time, and the nights were just plain awful.  I spent alot of time talking to God in the nights (nighttime is really long when you’re awake for all of it-a fact I recalled from his infancy).  I was reminded constantly that as much as I love this sweet boy, God loves him more and that is a very comforting thing to know.  The nights were spent watching his oxygen level and praying it wouldn’t dip under 90.  When it would we would hurry to turn the alarms off and hold the oxygen right in his face.  If it wasn’t so serious, it would have been comical: us doing our best to manipulate his numbers while keeping oxygen in the face of a very grumpy 2 year old who flopped around constantly.  Between that and trying to manage all of his wires while he flopped, we were busy.

Anyways, we are so very happy to all be in our beds tonight.  Please continue to pray that his body heals this week, I am still terrified that he could come down with a secondary bacterial infection, like pneumonia.  We also have some specialists to see in order to trying to determine why Wheezy B is so wheezy, and why he seems to be so susceptible to everything.  Most likely, it is what it is.  But the doctor really encouraged us try to rule out any other issues.

Some highlights:

-B kept calling the nurses Dr. Seuss.  (He knew we were going to see a doctor, and he’s a big Cat in the Hat fan, I guess things got confusing)

-He started saying “Mommy hug you” or “Deda hug you” when he wanted to be held.  Precious.

-Internet access and an itouch for when you can’t sleep but you have a 40 pounder sleeping on you.

-Our friends have been spoiling us rotten.  We have been reminded of how many people love us and Blake here.  You really wouldn’t believe how awesome our friends are.

-We were able to skpye in the hospital, so Migi felt like she got to come visit too.

-Blake telling everyone hi, thank you, and all done at all the right times.  Sometimes through tears.  Impeccable manners.

-Modern medicine. As inclined as I am to feel sorry for myself, I can’t help but think that babies used to die of conditions like this.  I am so grateful for nebulizers and steriods and motrin.

– Blake, talking in his sleep, saying “High Five Winnie da Pooh.”

-These scrubs:

I’m sure there are more, but for now I’ll just share a few more pictures.  I’m sleepy.

This is how Blake chose to manage our space: shove Mom into the rail and give most of the bed space to Tuck, Ming Ming and Monkey (that blanket rolled up above his head is holding the oxygen “blow by” tube.  We spend hours holding it in face, but eventually had to give up and put the nasal canula on him.  He hated it just as much a we suspected he might):

He’s a hard kid to hold down:

This thing really ticked him off too:

Thanks Aunt Didi for Blake’s “flu tent.”  He liked watching movies in it once we got home:


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