It Happens Part 2

This is (so far) the prize jewel in my Mother of the Year crown.  I do hope there are only 2 parts to this saga.  I told a friend this story the other day.  She immediately said that I must blog about it.  But I’m really embarrassed  about this one.  She assured me that my readers wouldn’t judge me.  You wouldn’t, would you?

The other morning I go into B’s room to get my happy baby (ok, toddler) out of his crib for the day.  This was during Snowmageddon, and we had nowhere to be so I was bringing him straight to our bed for some quality snuggle time.  I plop him on my beautiful duvet to change his diaper (I know, I never learn).  I pull his socks off.  They are wet.  Wha?!  He has on dark pants, so I couldn’t tell until I felt them that his pants were soaking wet.  Wha?!  Of course, I get him off my dry clean only duvet quickly (we outfitted our bed before we had a baby).  I rip off his jammies to find the most surprising thing: he wasn’t wearing a diaper!!  This is just the kind of slip up I would have eventually expected from Stu.  And then he points out that I dressed him for bed the night before. Without a diaper. The washer was very busy that morning.  Can you even imagine how soaked his entire crib, stuffed animals, blanket and pillows were after a 12 hour night of this poor child peeing everywhere?  My oh-so-forgiving child honestly never knew anything was wrong.  Bless him.  I hope he always feels so generous toward his mom.


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