Your family wants you to shower!

We are snowed in.  We have been for almost a week, but got to leave the house Monday in between snowstorms.  Snowmageddon 2010 has truly been something to behold.  The first storm dumped 38 inches on our town, and this one, well, it’s been alot.  My guess is, like, 6 feet of snow.  But that would be an exaggeration.  It does look that way though.  This one has been a blizzard, so the way the snow is flying around building ginormous snowdrifts, it’s hard not to exaggerate.  I think the latest count was about 20 inches.  Still ridonk.  Here are some pictures, for those of you who still refuse to use facebook (;-)).  I have a story to tell you after, so don’t touch that dial.

I have made some interesting observations during this “staycation”.  We ladies don’t feel so much need to dress up for the family.  During the first snowstorm, I made lots of bread (ok, I did it during this one too).  I thought it would be cute and neighborly to deliver steaming hot cranberry almond bread during a snowstorm.  I went to one neighbor’s house to find her looking (ahem) like maybe she’d been napping.  Please don’t get the wrong idea.  The only reason I looked presentable was because you couldn’t see me.  (snow get-up covers all)  I quickly said, “Oh, I’m so sorry I got you out of bed!”  She responded, “I wasn’t in bed.”  Huh.  On to the next neighbor.  Similar situation, only I didn’t have to remove my foot from my mouth.  Later, Friendly Neighbor shows up to give Blake some old toys that she was cleaning out (awesome!!).  She catches me looking fancy with some of my hair in a ponytail, and my no make-up booty is wearing a snuggie!  Answering the door, oy.  I guess we’re even.  I brought this up with a friend who mentioned that she was considering a shower.  She put make-up on for the first time since Snowmageddon began and her kids were so impressed with how pretty she looked.  We discussed how funny it is that when we don’t need to leave the house, we don’t feel the slightest push to get dressed.  You know you’ve all seen some woman stick her head out of her front door to ask her husband a question (while he shovels snow) and you’ve thought, “Dang”.  Well, friend, you need to ask yourself if that woman is you.

So I’ve made a few decisions:

1. I’m going to shower before I’m asked.

2. I will put more than moisturizer on my face tomorrow.

3.  I will blow dry my hair tomorrow and not just stick my wet hair in a ponytail.

4. I guess I’m going to have to find cuter sweats, because you are not getting my butt into less that 2 layers right now.

5. If I fail at all of the above, there’s always summer.


5 thoughts on “Your family wants you to shower!

  1. I hear you girl! I wore the same clothes for 2 days straight — sleeping in them in between! I even went out to shovel snow in them, but HAD to take a shower after 90 minutes of manual labor! Pee-Yoooo!

  2. Oh my gosh Kathryn, you’re hilarious! I was right there with you during the snowpocalypse!! I looked horrible and I kept telling myself that I would shower tomorrow : ) I’m doing much better now that I’m back to work though!!

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