It Happens

This morning, I woke up to a (still) congested baby, so we began our morning shower routine.  Blake will sit in the shower and play with cups of water while the steam helps him breathe easier.  Afterwards, while I’m trying frantically to get ready to go (and wondering for the millionth time if that extra 20 minutes of sleep was really worth it), Blake is running around my room naked.  I’m not a complete idiot, I made him pee in the potty before I let him galavant around just to ensure that the ‘ol bladder was empty.  You can see why here. So, he’s playing hide and seek with me under the covers of my bed, which is just me saying, “where’s Blake?” until he jumps out giggling.  He gets quiet.  Just as I look out to do my next “Where’s Blake?”, he says, ” I tee tee”.  Oy.  I run over to my bed to see.   Now, if you can, imagine my voice rising a couple octaves and saying, “THAT’S NOT TEE TEE BLAKE!!!”  It’s poop.  I must have scream-whispered “that’s not tee” 10 times.  He pooped smack dab in the middle of mine and Stu’s bed (on his side-whew).  Blake is saying “AW MAN!”  I have now regained composure and am trying to sound normal while explaining that you have to put poop in the potty or your diaper-preferably the potty.  Pretty much anywhere but my bed.

I know the gross chronicles have some pretty disgusting pictures, but even I have my limits.  I do have a very vivid one seared onto my brain though, thankyouverymuch.


4 thoughts on “It Happens

  1. Hey! Long time no see. I haven’t even logged into my blog since December 15th! Well I am back and have been catching up on your blog as well. Man, that Blake sure is a trip. I love his language and his bathroom antics. Crazy! 🙂 And yes, where are the pictures from this little fiasco? 🙂

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